Become a Partner

Why Unilever Medical ?

Global demand for specialty medical devices is booming these days. No doubt this is the perfect moment for your company to shift into a higher gear and capitalize on this window of opportunity.

Differentiate: by proving our value to your business, not only with market-leading products, but also with financial rewards and support
Trust: by earning your loyalty thanks to using the most trusted visualization brand and the outstanding expertise of the Unilever Medical employees
Grow: by introducing new ‘network-based’ solutions and simple go-to-market strategies and processes

Why partner with Unilever Medical ?

By joining the Unilever Medical Connect! Program, Unilever Medical offers an engaging framework to bring visualization solutions to the market

Reliable: We keep our promise to deliver the product, the support, the commercial benefits as stipulated in the program
Simple: The program offers a framework for doing business together, making Unilever Medical a simple and transparent partner to work with
Engaging: We want to engage in growing our business together, by offering different partner levels and product specializations

What’s in it for me?

Unilever Medical Connect! offers a set of benefits and tools based on certain requirements:

Ms.Hellen Zhang
Ms.Hellen Zhang Gerente de Servicio al Cliente
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