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Unilever Medical Corp. is dedicated to meeting all your ultrasound, patient monitor, ECG needs. Ask about ALL our services. From the most technologically advanced specialty medical devices, accessories, and products that complement equipment . . . to online and onsite education, how-to videos, image galleries, and smart-phone applications for extensive specialty medical devices resources . . . we offer it all.

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4/F, Unilever medical of Yinjin Building, Block 71, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Tel:   +86 (0755) 85275443
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Ms.Vanessa Liu
The products are favored by the world market, and services are distributed around the world to quickly meet the technological support and response services.
Ms.Vanessa Liu Gerente de ventas
Mr. Young Guo
Training guidance: to help agents expand distribution channels; to help the development and maintenance of the final clients; to provide the operation data relative to the product.
Mr. Young Guo Ingeniero de producto