Wound Debridement System

The CareMaster H/G/E wound cleaning system is a line of devices for the treatment of purulent-necrotic wounds by the receipt method (ultrasonic debridement of wounds (UAW)).

CareMaster ultrasonic cleaning of wounds is an effective and cost-effective method.

The basis of the method is the effect of cavitation, which occurs during the passage of ultrasound through solutions. Ultrasound waves create cavitation bubbles in the wound irrigation solution. Microbubbles burst when the pressure changes, forming "microcurrents" in the solution.

As a result, necrotic masses are destroyed and fragmented, biofilms are revealed, exogenous pollution, infected tissue areas and fibrous layers are removed.

At the same time, the cavitation effect does not destroy granulation and connective tissue, blood vessels, since healthy tissues contain more elastin fibrils than damaged ones.

CareMaster ultrasonic debridement of wounds - proven effectiveness.

Numerous clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the ultrasonic wound debridement method in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, accelerating the healing process almost twice! The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

Ultrasonic cavitation destroys biofilms on the wound, which is impossible with traditional wound cleaning methods. Removal of necrotic masses and dead tissues occurs without damage to healthy tissues. All this contributes to the cleaning of the wound bed, stimulation of granulation and epithelization of the wound.

Additional irrigation with a jet of saline solution under high pressure accelerates the wound cleaning process, and aspiration of the spent solution and fragmented necrotic masses avoids re-contamination.

CareMaster cavitation method. The main evidence

  • Acute wounds: infected wounds of various genesis, postoperative complicated wounds, burns during closing of wound defects by plastic methods;
  • Chronic wounds: trophic ulcers of the lower extremities, bedsores, diabetic foot, fistulae.

Configurations of the CareMaster ultrasound system for wound cleaning

The ultrasonic cavitation device is available in three configurations.

  • CareMaster H is the basic model of the device for ultrasonic debridement of wounds. Optional - cart for work in stationary conditions, foot control pedal.
  • CareMaster G is a device for cavitation wound cleaning with an irrigation module. Wounds are cleaned with a stream of saline solution at a pressure of 0.65 MPa (maximum). Optional - cart for work in stationary conditions, foot control pedal.
  • CareMaster E is a device for cavitation wound cleaning with irrigation and aspiration modules. Additional equipment with an aspiration module simplifies work and reduces the risk of repeated bacterial contamination. Optional - cart for work in stationary conditions, foot control pedal.

Features of the CareMaster system for ultrasonic debridement of wounds

  • 10.4-inch touchscreen with control panel;
  • Power adjustment knob on the front panel of the device;
  • The operating frequency of ultrasound is 25 kHz, optimal indicators for cavitation;
  • The flow rate of the saline solution is 40 ml/min;
  • The maximum pressure during saline irrigation is 0.65 MPa;
  • Negative pressure range of 80 - 100kPA during aspiration;
  • Ergonomic handle of the ultrasonic tool;
  • Gentle control pedal.

The CareMaster cavitation system is modern technology in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

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