Anesthesia Machine(Ane-C1)

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Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
Mode: Semi-open, Semi-closed or closed system
Anesthetic vaporizer: One vaporizer


Anesthesia Ventilator
Display: High light LED display
Ventilation mode: IPPV and Manual mode
Tidal Volume: 50 ~ 1600ml
Breath frequency: 1 ~ 90BPM
I:E ratio: 4:1 ~ 1:6
Monitor parameter: Tidal volume, breath frequency, MV, Airway pressure
Alarm: MV high alarm, MV low alarm, TV high alarm, TV low alarm
Main Unit
Circle absorber: Compact circle absorber
Bellow: 50 ~ 1600ml
Oxygen FLUSH: 25L/min ~ 75L/min
Flow meter:
O2, N2O two-tube flowmeter
O2 tube: 0L/min ~ 10L/min
N2O tube: 0L/min ~ 10L/min
O2 and N2O linkage device
Adjust O2 and N2O in proportion ( keep O2 concentration not lower than 25% )
Gas source pressure
O2: 0.25 ~ 0.65Mpa
N2O: 0.25~ 0.65Mpa
Gauge: 2 units, one N2O, one O2


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