Anesthesia Vaporizer(E200)

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Stability & Safety:

E2000 vaporizer easily provides the high dosage concentration required to achieve the shortest possible wash-in times during induction.               

Moreover, the unmatched dynamism of its flow and concentration ranges means the E2000 vaporizer effortlessly complies with the demands of a minimal flow regime.               

The extended temperature range of 15°C~35°C ensures the accuracy of concentration can be satisfactorily controlled even during extreme operating conditions. Increased capacity of the anesthetic agent tank (300ml) can now hold the entire content of an anesthetic agent bottle, leaving no waste and thereby saving your cost.               

Easy-fil, Key-fil, Quik-fil (Sevo only) filler is designed to simplify agent filling and help minimize agent leaks while filling.   


E2000 vaporizer meet the different agent requirements i.e. Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane. E2000 vaporizer can provide several mounting types: Selectatec Compatible, Draeger Plug-in, Cagemount (ISO23mm tapers) , and provide several filler types: Pour-fil, Easy-fil, Key-fil, Quik-fil (Sevo only) .



Concentration Range:               

Enflurane   0.2 - 5%               

Isoflurane   0.2 - 5%               

Halothane   0.2 - 5%               

Sevoflurane  0.2 - 8%               

Filling volume for agent:               

About 340ml with dry wick               

About 300ml with moist wick               

During operation:               

Temperature:   +15°C - +35°C               

Moisture:       0% - 95%               

Flow meter:    0.2 - 15 L/min                

              0.2 - 10 L/min (For concentration > 5%)               

Barometric:    70 kPa - 106 kPa               

Storage temperature: -40°C - +65°C               


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