UOM-4 Baby Oxygen Monitor

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Track Your Baby’s Oxygen
Day and Night Monitor Baby’s Blood Oxygen Levels with Audio Reminder in Mobile App and Device
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Hey There, Brand New Parents! We're Your Support Crews!

Specifically for Baby
For Baby 0-3 years old;
Suit baby’s foot size and sleeping safety demands


Audio Reminder
Audio reminder for low blood oxygen in mobile APP & device; Adjustable alarm volume & threshold


Gentle & breathable fabric provides a comfortable wearing experience like a sock


Real-time Tracking
Monitor, track and record oxygen levels and heart rate every second continuously

Free iOS/Android APP
Pair by Bluetooth 4.0;
Track real-time data, review history records & receive alarm instantly


Free PC Software
Free Mac App
Export and save detailed PDF/CSV reports;
Share with families & doctors


Built-in rechargeable battery;
16 hours battery life


Built-in Memory
Work stand-alone, even without smartphone;
sync data automatically when connected to App

oximeter Audio RemindCongratulations on the New Addition to Your Family!

Feel tricky about baby guard? Wellue is here to put your mind at ease!

Continually tracks your baby’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate and motion, especially during sleep. When your baby’s oxygen level is low, or the device falls off, audio alarm will alert you both on device and mobile APP.
The ergonomic soft wrap made from lightweight fabric sure can provide a lot of comfort, which delivers a flexible wearing experience.


Uniquely Tailored to Baby, from Newborn to Toddler

Every breath of your baby matters. He/she deserves plenty of oxygen as well as love. BabyO2 is meticulous about your little ones as you are.
Special-designed way of wearing on baby’s foot, safe and comfortable. Open weave fabric allows for airflow.
Two sizes of soft wraps for different age stages, with velcro to secure precisely.
Alarm on device and mobile APP can be turned on/off separately; alarm volume & threshold is adjustable to fit you best.


When It Comes to Baby Sleeping, You Need to Look Further Than Your Regular Eyes Can See.

Oxygen Level & Heart Rate

Further insight, deeper awareness.
Real-time displays provide instant feedback.

*PI (Perfusion Index). If the PI signal is weak (in red), please check if the sensor has been positioned and secured properly.


Never Miss any Danger Signal

Audio Remind will alert on device and mobile APP when your baby’s oxygen level is low.
BabyO2 is always keeping an eye on your baby, day and night.
Personalized audio remind can be turned on/off separately on device and mobile APP. Adjust the volume and threshold for your baby, never budge on any possible risk.

*The reminder will stop when oxygen level recovers, or you can press the side button to stop it.


Keeps Data You Care About in Mind

Track your baby's changes and development, save those moments forever.
Review history recordings, check detailed reports, analysis and diagrams. Share with your loved ones and doctors.



Only 3 steps, get you started on BabyO2’s journey.

step1 step1 step1
 Choose the wrap with the appropriate size.
Place the wrap with the sensor on one foot, with the sensor running on the outside edge and the sensor cable oriented to leg.
 Attach the wrap velcro securely. The light emitter and the light detector should be opposite to each other on the two sides of the foot.Attach the wrap velcro securely.  Plug the sensor cable into the device. Put the device around the leg, attach the velcro to secure the device.
Press the side button for 2 seconds to power on.



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