Following the delivery of 300 Akso mobile DRs to Mexico in the battle against COVID-19, UEM has made further contributions to help in the fight against this pandemic by delivering 14 sets of its newly launched mobile DR Akso Plus to Côte d’Ivoire. 

Akso Plus is the first AI-based mobile DR with uninterrupted power supply, which was officially launched in the market in May 2020. So far, dozens of Akso Plus mobile DRs are already being used in several medical institutions around the world, and they have been highly appreciated by customers. 

Akso Plus: Powerful Functions – Elegant Product

With a width of only 54 cm and minimum height of 130 cm, Akso Plus is a compact and portable mobile DR that is smart and easy to use, clean, and sterilize. 

With a new lithium-ion polymer battery and power control system, Akso Plus supports up to 1,500 exposures (standard adult chest radiography conditions) and can move hundreds of kilometers. It has a built-in battery backup as well as supports wall outlet power supply and features 360 hours ultra-long standby time, thereby mitigating the need to frequently charge the device and saves the time for doctors.

The device has four exposure modes, a visualization pad and also supports RFID, which can fully meet the needs of bedside HD imaging in environments such as infection zones, fever clinics, and the ICU, effectively lowering the risk of cross infection. 

In addition, the device is also equipped with wireless detectors that support 5G transmission, making it possible to conduct large amount of patient examinations more efficiently and effectively. The AI-based chest radiography diagnosis can assist doctors in quickly diagnosing patients and ensuring that they receive more precise treatment. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, UEM has delivered more than 1000 sets of DR and ultrasonic devices to customers around the world. 

Bon Courage! Côte d'Ivoire! 

Fight for Victory! People of the World!

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