Veterinary ultrasound machines in Pakistan.
See the fetus in seconds.

Veterinary ultrasound machine uIMAGING N2 Digital B&W PW Doppler,With Linear Rectal probe wide angle
Optional probes. Micro convex. Convex. Linear
✅Incomparable in imaging
✅12.1 HD Display Ultrasound
✅Light weight easy to carry
✅Long battery backup (3Hours)
✅PW Doppler
✅Dual probe connectors.
✅DICOM 3.0, VGA port,USB 2.0,RS 232 port, S -Video port. Thermal printer port.
✅Reporting printing software A4 size cut down running cost of paper.
✅6.5kg weight
✅12 month warranty with parts and probe.
✅Built in memory for image storage
✅Five year free after sales services.

*We Value your money*

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