Mindray's VETA-5 Gas Anesthesia Machine and Mindray uMEC Vet Basic-3 Patient Monitor (with recorder) to boost its life support and patient monitoring capabilities during surgical procedures.
VETA 5 Gas Anesthesia
☑️ Ventilator Integrated, no tubes exposed and lower leakage risk
☑️ High precision vaporizer (Tec-7 technology, calibration-free; most in the market are Tec-3 which needs calibration every 12 months)
☑️ Electronically driven by high-performance turbine, no drive gas needed
☑️ 8 inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive operation and efficient interaction
VS Intelligent Ventilation Mode on VETA 5
☑️ Precise Ventilation - minimum tidal volume down to 5mL (can support ventilation for body weight below 5kg down to 0.5kg - other systems cannot)
☑️ Smart Preset - parameters setting automatically matching weight
☑️ Backup Ventilation - backup apnea ventilation, avoid hypoventilation
☑️ Breathing Synchronization - Intelligent trigger, less respiratory

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